Mike Reed

11608 W 127th Terrace

Overland Park, KS 66213

Cell # 913-206-2800 / Home # 913-897-8028


Age 46, Married 18 Years, 1 Child


02/06 - Present                                    Dynamic Ad Solutions LLC

Owner / Senior Systems Analyst and Software Development $78K+ Bonus

I was responsible for creating substantial revenues and profits through a system design that uses web services, XML feeds, high volume transactional database designs, web interfaces, and backend solutions for the online advertising industry.

·         Trained and managed Philippines, India and Russia based development staff on multiple projects, learning both the challenges and opportunities of offshore development teams and how to work with them to drive successful results.

·         Responsible for creating the DynamicAds system which creates dynamic JPG banner ads by using GDI to combine CPC based XML feeds and background images, on-demand, in a load balanced environment.

·         The DynamicAds system up to 17 million impressions per day and served billions of online impressions generating millions in revenue.

·         Licensed system to Ybrant Technologies http://YBrant.com in India for one million dollars. This not only covered all R&D expenses for 2 years but also generated a nice profit for the investor. http://MediosOne.com

·         A subsidiary of Ybrant in Israel, Oridian Online Media Solutions http://Oridian.com private labeled the system as their “Results” system. http://Results.Oridian.com

·         Responsible for creating the DirectFeed system which aggregates multiple CPC based XML feeds of different formats into a single feed while optimizing the ads which can be selected by keyword or category. Bid prices across all feeds are maintained and eCPM tracked to assure that every request receives the best possible ad. Currently being used by http://TicTacTi.com of Israel to deliver overlay advertisements on live and recorded web based video streams. http://DirectFeed.DynamicAdSolutions.com. This system has just recently gone online, but it is projected to generate positive cash flow within 30 days and profits within 90 days.


01/04 - 12/07                                       NMI Enterprises LLC

Owner / Application Development and Robotics $75K

I created, ran and financed this two man company and drove positive cash flow from nearly day one. Diversification allowed for multiple simultaneous revenue streams.

·         Created one of the first online memorial websites, http://RememberedByUs.com. Targeted funeral homes as distribution points to drive sales. Revenues fell short of expectations, so converted to a community sponsored model backed by Google AdSense to assure a positive cash flow.

·         Wrote a bi-monthly article called “Computer Helpline” for American Funeral Director magazine to help educate the market about the advantages of using images and personalized materials for funerals. The byline also allowed greater exposure for RememberedByUs.com. This allowed us to advertise the site while getting paid vs. paying for print ad placement.

·         Ran http://PowerMow.com, an authorized http://RoboMower.com dealer offering the best selling electric robotic lawn mowers and accessories. Was the exclusive factory refurbished RoboMower dealer on eBay.

·         Consulted for the American Industrial Magic http://aimagic.org/ GO-ROBOTS team to design an entry for the original DARPA Challenge. http://www.darpa.mil/grandchallenge/ My design was based on my proprietary Situation/Response Technology.

·         Created http://SEO-PositionOne.com which is a tool for Search Engine Marketing (SEM). The tools guided experts to perform web site optimization for both organic and paid search. Private labeled the software as VirSEO for Virtumundo Inc (Kansas). Trained http://Virtumundo.com employees in the art of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing allowing them to enter the SEO and SEM markets successfully.


06/02 - 9/03                                          Virtumundo, Inc (Missouri – Now AdKnowledge, Inc.)

Director of New Product Development $90K + Bonus

I entered an all Linux based online advertising business that had a need to develop for the Windows desktop to increase revenue opportunities and I delivered. The system foundations that I put in place revolutionized the business to the degree that it spun off a company based on their old business model which kept the Virtumundo name and renamed itself AdKnowledge. This new company used the CPC based XML feed aggregating system that I developed and combined it with existing email targeting technology to create a strong new profit center.

·         NewtonKnows was a BHO based toolbar combined with a Layered Service Provider (LSP) that allowed the system to define a behavioral model of the user and deliver targeted advertisements based on multiple aggregated CPC XML feeds. For about a year the model was successful, but Adware fell out of favor and many adware blockers blocked the product. During its early life, it drove substantial revenue and quickly turned profitable, even with team of five talented developers working on the product.

·         One element of the NewtonKnows project survived to become the base of multiple projects. The VLogic Server allowed for dynamic banner advertisements as well as dynamic email messages. This is now the foundation of the significant profits for http://AdKnowledge.com.


10/93 - 12/03                                       Unlimited Potential, Inc.

Owner / Director of New Product Development $75K

I created, ran and financed this six man company across a wide range of projects. The most successful product was WaveFilter. http://WaveFilter.com is a set of 10 tools for 3D artists and is still used every day by the TV, Movie and video industry. http://WaveFilter.com/WhatsNew.htm was an instant success because it lowered the production costs of producing 3D graphics while improving the quality of the output.  WaveFilter was purchased by NewTek, the makers of LightWave 3D and made a standard part of the main package. Other products of interest are:

·         http://PassSafe.com – Secure Identifier Based Encrypted Password (SIBIP) utility that allows a user to safely use the same password on every site without the fear of anyone every discovering the password.

·         http://InvisibleInbox.com – Challenge/Response POP3/SMPT based email proxy that shields the user from SPAM.

·         http://MyQBox.com & [Q]Server – Question/Answer system for product based websites. (Disabled)

·         http://AllMinds.com – Educational question answering system. (Disabled)

·         VBSAPI5 – VB6 access to the C based interface of the Microsoft Speech API 5.0 (SAPI5) prior to SAPI including a COM interface. (Depreciated)

·         Personal Promotion Express – Laptop based marketing materials catalog for Realtors. Combines a WYSIWYG product catalog and ordering system with a modem based order placement and data sync utility to drive orders into the back end system where orders are grouped into QuarkXPress based templates and combined with scanned images of homes and agents to produce printer ready plates. Low res versions of the selected images are transmitted back to the agent with each connect. Finished products are delivered directly from the offset printers to the agents. Orders grew by more than 10 times and profits per order nearly tripled.


06/88 - 9/93                                          JetTech, Inc (Now owned by Siemens)

Controls Manager $60K

I was hired to create and manage an Industrial Controls dept to bring the process in-house. With the help of 3support personnel and working closely with the scientists and engineers we defined best practices to streamline and standardize the project bidding, planning and construction documentation  processes including automated CAD drawing creation.


Development – Microsoft SQL Server 2003 and 2005, .NET 1.0, 1.1, 2.0, 3.0 and 3.5, Visual Studio 2003, 2005 and 2008, ANSI C, MSVC, Win32 C, C++, COM/DCOM, DDE, ActiveX, ATL/WTL, Device drivers, Plug-ins, SOAP, HTML, DHTML, CSS, AJAX, XML, XLST, Silverlight, XAML, WPF, RPC, Sockets, Client/Server, SOA, VBScript, Nearly every version of micro-computer based BASIC from TRS-80 BASIC to VB.NET, JavaScript, ASP from Classic to current, Microsoft Expression Web.


Past development includes 8088 Assembler, 6502 Assembler, Z-80 Assembler, Z-80 Machine Language, COBOL, RPG II, Pascal, Logo, Fortran as well as custom language creation, both interpreted and compiled. Wide range of experience results in language neutral development.


Operating Systems – Entire Windows NT Family (First Developer Beta to Windows Vista and Windows Server 2003).


Past development includes Netware, MS-DOS, IBM SSP, VAX VMS, CPM, AmigaDOS, Mac OS, AppleDOS and TRS-DOS.


Communications/Networking – IIS 4, 5 and 6, DNS, NAT, TCP/IP, SOAP, Net and Local Services, DHCP, Hub, Switch, Router, Bridge, Load-Balancing, SCSI, IDE, SATA, RAID 0-5 & 10, Extensive LAN/WAN experience. Parallel drivers, serial drivers, printer drivers, RS-232/422, modems from earliest to 56K, ISDN, T1 Frame Relay, Cable and xDSL. Many transfer protocols, including proprietary. Brands including Cisco, Linksys, D-Link, Belkin, Netgear and many more.


Honors & Memberships – York Rite Mason, Member of National Republican Congressional Committee. Received Business Advisory Council 2004 Ronald Reagan Republican Gold Medal, Received Business Advisory Council Businessman of the Year 2005, Member of the 2008 Presidential Commission.


Publications – Bi-monthly articles in American Funeral Director – Computer Helpline. Author of many specification documents, product manuals, operation manuals and other technical writing. Highly proficient in Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Visio.