I am very pleased that you took the time to visit my site. I hope you find it entertaining, informative and generally worthy.

I can't please everyone, so I don't really try. Instead, I do my best and I listen to input from others, and when appropriate, I make changes. If your not growing, your dying, so I work hard to always be growing. Come, grow with me.

Some of my opinions are pretty mainstream... but not very many. Instead, I'm sure you'll find my insights unique, but thought provoking. Even if I'm wrong, if I make you think, and that leads you to grow, my work is a success.

My Goal

This site has several goals, but the main one is an as outlet for my thoughts. I seek to merge science, religion and life into a single description, one that shows that we are here for a reason, that there is a purpose to our lives and that we matter, and what we do matters.

Also, this site is a connection to my many other sites. These sites tell my story and cover the topics that I have added to this great thing called the Internet.

Lastly, this site works as a connection to my YouTube videos. I love to make videos and post them, and by having this site, I can bring them together in a place where I have full control of the content and presentation, where I can expand my thoughts and dive deeper than I can directly on YouTube.


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